Art of Ritual english

A start

Play and taster afternoons
Playing with intuitive and oracle media and getting in touch with sources of silent knowledge.
4 creative afternoons approx. 2 h at the Place of Silence, children & young people free of charge.

Tarot fairy tales (winter)
Playing with 5 elements (spring)
Dream wagon (summer)
Animal ancestors (autumn)

Feelings always tell a story

Just as all colours can be traced back to 3 basic colours, all shades of feelings can be traced back to 5 basic feelings, whose sequence in a cycle tells a hero’s journey


Our Western culture describes a fixed everyday habit like coffee and morning paper as a ritual. But this is only an action that has sunk into the unconscious without decision, an „automatic ac­tion“. This corresponds to the human endeavour to settle down with proven answers, insights and habits.


arises from the ardent wish from the unconscious to change something and to need help to do so. Help from immaterial forces to which we give names such as grandmother, spirit, God, the un­known, fountain, mountain, tree or guardian angel. Ritual is a conscious step into the unknown.

A simple but effective everyday ritual

Helga’s father often misplaced all kinds of things. But he also had a good old ritual for finding these items again. He described it like this: „First I look for it myself and when I realise I can’t find the item and I start to get annoyed, I call St. Anthony. He is the patron saint for finding lost objects. Afterwards, I stop looking and don’t think about the item anymore. Within the next 5 minutes I have almost always found it as if by myself. Then I say thank you.“ His ritual works very reliably. Its purpose is to get out of a small predicament that he cannot find his own way out of.
All the core elements of a ritual are included in his description. A symbolic action that illustrates the desired change may be added.

The community ritual

• Alignment, setting and symbolic actions are creatively developed together
• A cosmology such as the Dagara medicine wheel serves as a system of reference
• Immaterial forces are audibly called into its protected space and asked to help achieve the goals of the alignment.
• With song, rhythm & art, an unstructured process develops that is most comparable to group dynamic trainings.
• At the end there is gratitude and the consolidation of the experience
• It is a key element for formation of communities and "new tribes"

(picture: earth shrine in the tipi)

Experimentally dive into and explore the myth of Inanna, partly with storytelling, partly in a creative community ritual. Guide: Helga Weule

Workshop of 1,5 days
Place: Place of Silence, Unterweinberg 59, 5231 Schalchen, Austria

Info (Deutsch & English)
Short article in English

Experimentally dive into and explore the myth of Gilgamesh: with storytelling, the elaboration of key scenes and with creative ritual development.
Guide: Manfred Weule

Workshop of 2 days
Place: Place of Silence, Unterweinberg 59, 5231 Schalchen, Austria

Info (Deutsch & English)

2-day workshop around All Saints‘ Day. This year on Sat/Sun 6/7 Nov 2021

The call of our desire permeates our lives again and again.
Life transitions in particular need rites of passage:

In our work we have observed how constellation work can also bring about lasting and concrete, healing changes. It is beneficial, on the one hand, to work with a clear picture of the elements (symbols/structures) that make up our world (cosmology).
On the other hand, the bridge to everyday life can be created by stimulating practical anchors such as symbolic actions and rituals with which those concerned can bring changes into their everyday life in a self-responsible way.

(Workshop of 4 days)